Victor Teixeira da Silva


Prof. Victor Teixeira da Silva

Program of Chemical Engineering

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (tel. 55 21 3938 8344, email

Current Position

Associated Professor of Chemical Engineering

Program of Chemical Engineering, COPPE,

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Adjunct Professor

University of Limerick, Ireland


June 19, 1964. Nova Lisboa, Angola


Portugal / Brazil


1982-1987 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro,

B.S., Chemical Engineering

1988-1992 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Thesis: Study of the Sulfiding and Regeneration Conditions of a Spent Commercial HDS Catalyst

Advisor: Professor Martin Schmal

1992-1994 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/Virginia Tech

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Thesis: Synthesis and Catalytic Evaluation of NbC

Advisor: Professor S. T. Oyama


01/95-12/95 - NUCAT / UFRJ, Research fellow

05/95-12/95 - State University of Rio de Janeiro, Assistant Professor

01/97-05/06 - Military Institute of Engineering, Associated Professor

06/06-Present Chemical Engineering Program, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Associated Professor

Administrative Coordinator of NUCAT (Catalysis Nucleus)

Fields of Research

• Design, Synthesis and Characterization of New Catalytic Materials (Carbides, phosphides, mesoporous carbon and carbon covered alumina);

• Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions,

• Application of new catalytic materials in hydrotreating, residual biomass valorization, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Methane Dry Reforming, DeSOx-DeNOx.

• President of the Brazilian Catalysis Society

• Brazilian representative at the IACS (International Association of Catalysis Societies);

• Research Fellow of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)

• Member of the Editorial Board of Catalysis Today

• Member of the International Advisory Board of the Group Five Elements

• Member: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

• Young Presidential Award 2010 – “Hydrotreating of Sunflower Oil using Supported Molybdenum Carbide” – Advisor for the best Thesis

• Inventor PETROBRAS Award, 2007

• Chairman, 12th Brazilian Congress on Catalysis, 2003

• Program Committee, Brazilian Catalysis Society, 2001 - present

• Visiting Professor, Virginia Tech, 1999,

• Visiting Professor Université Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris, 2001

• Graduate Students Supervised M.Sc. – 43 Ph.D. – 22

• Graduate Students under Supervision M.Sc. – 5 Ph.D. - 15

• Edited Books: 3

• Authored Book: 1

Presentations at Conferences and Premiere Scientific Meetings > 100

Invited Lectures at Universities and Industries > 50

Publications in indexed journals ~ 70

Patents 4