Heloise de Oliveira Pastore


Position: Full Professor


Full Professor: Universityof Campinas, Brazil (2007)
Doctorate in Sciences: University of Campinas, Brazil and University of Toronto, Canada (1992)
Masters in Chemistry: University of Campinas, Brazil (1987)
Chemistry Bachelor:University of Campinas, Brazil (1984)

Previous University Positions:

Assistant Professor (1994-1999)
Associated Professor (2000- 2007)
FullProfessor (2007)

Research Areas:

Porous Materials, Zeolites and Molecular Sieves, Layered and Lamellar Materials, CO2Captureand Sequestering, Polymer-Layered Materials Composites

Scientific Production:

134Publications,4Patents, 8Book Chapters, 3 Reviews


25 Plenary & Keynote Lectures, 54 Invited, 45 Oral


23 (ISI)


Inventors 2016 e 2017 (UNICAMP), Lucio Senatore Award (Physical Chemistry Division, Italian Chemical Society)

Supervisions and advisoring:

17 Masters, 26Doctorates (1 co-tutelle)9Post-Doctorates, 2 Researchers

Other activities and distinctions:

RSC Fellow,since 2016
Council Board of RSC Advances, since 2016.
Secretary Officer of the International Zeolite Association Executive Board (2016-2019)
Council Board of the International Symposium of Intercalation Compounds, since 2013.